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phone: 0810262735 or 053698214

       (calling from Thailand)

phone: +66 810262735 or +66 53698214

       (calling from outside Thailand)




Directions from bus station/walking street area:

Please note: if you plan to take a taxi, you should try and arrive before dark to get one. The fare should be 50THB/person.

Turn left out of the bus station.

Follow the road. It will turn to the right. (If you go straight, you will know you made a mistake if you come to a wooden bridge)

When the road comes to a "T", turn left.

Cross the small concrete bridge. Immediately after the bridge, the road splits to the left and the right. In between the two main roads, there is a steep hill with two small roads going up. Go up the left-hand road, which is also the steepest road. You will see our blue and white sign at the base of the hill. Follow the signs to Ing Doi Guesthouse. Welcome!

GPS coordinates: 19.355899,98.448646 note:if using google maps, please use walking directions(even if you drive!)